Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Blogoversary!

5 years ago I started this blog and I would have forgotten to celebrate this day without the comment of Teena in Toronto.

Wow, thank you sooo much Teena!

This blog started as KnitchickMelly's LacePlace 5 years ago
and has come a long way since then.
I've shared not only my knitting, my lace but also my feelings and what was happening in my life. I've also shared about my kids and how they grew up and about my pets and other things.
It was (and still is) good to get all that from my mind and put it into words.
It has helped me to reflect and get more clear with what I wanted in life.

And you all, my readers,
stuck with me all the way!
I gained new friends from all over the world
and some have become very dear to me (you know who you are!)
You have been great!
Hey, we have been great *lol*

Well, now is the time to say thanks to all my readers
(I know I have neglected you in the past year and I am very sorry about that!)
for sticking around, leaving comments and feedback
and also for crying and for laughing with me and for just being there
when I was in need of your friendship!
You are the best!!! Thanks!!!

So, let's celebrate and hope "Knitchick.Melly" starts to write and share more again ;-)

love and hugs