Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009


So I asked a friend the other day, what Memorial Day was all about
and then I asked "Auntie Wikipedia" about this topic too (see this article to read more).

And I had to think a lot:

So while I understand,
that the day is to commemorate all soldiers that gave their life in the wars
and I also figure that it is a great way to never forget them
and I think it is great for the families, who have been left behind,
to have a special day to remember the ones they have lost;
and also good for those, who survived, to know that they are not forgotten...
I still didn't feel comfy saying "Happy Memorial Day"

Maybe it is just my European-influenced mind
or the fact that being raised and living in Germany*
which makes me squirm at the thought of a "Happy Time" on a day
that was originally made for remembering and contemplating of all the things
those soldiers and veterans have done for their country.

On the other side I understand why the people celebrate on this day,
since most of the wars that were fought were to gain something,
to bring peace and freedom and therefore it is just right to be happy and thankful.

So I came to the conclusion that this is a day for quiet times
and also for loud celebrations, marches and music.

So with all this knowledge and thoughts and conclusions I can now shout out loud:

Happy Memorial Day, my friends!

*in Germany you get fed with the guilt of the Second World War from your first sip of breast milk and although my parents are English and were always complaining about the propaganda,
I got enough of that guilt through T.V. and school to influence me a lot. :-(

The Image I used is a Memorial Day -freebie from Del's PSP Place

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My roses are red... / Meine Rosen sind rot...

...and in full bloom, so wonderful to look at.

... und in voller Blüte, einfach wunderschön anzusehen.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My apologies... (english only)

... to all my English-speaking readers for not translating the last post
about my new blog-outfit into the English language straight away...
I have done it now and you can read it in the original post now.

My excuses for this?

....hmmm, well....

I haven't got good excuses for this behaviour,
but maybe you will accept the fact,
that I was too lazy to do it and I am terribly sorry now?

Pretty please?

With cherry ontop?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Eine Veränderung... / A change...

Photobucket... des Blog-auftritts mußte dringend mal wieder her.

Irgendwie passte das Bisherige nicht mehr zu meinem jetzigen Lebensgefühl.

Leichte Pastellfarben sollen die neue Leichtigkeit des Seins in meinem Leben ausdrücken, verschiedene kräftigere Farben die neue Fröhlichkeit.
So mußte auch ein neuer Header her, der ein bisschen die Gedanken, die durch meinen Kopf schwirren, hierherträgt.
Und eine neue Schriftart, die eine neue Klarheit darstellt und zum Ausdruck bringen soll,
daß trotz vieler wirrer Gedanken doch eine absolut deutliche Linie zu erkennen ist.
Dazu ist die Titelschrift auch noch durchsichtig,
was zeigen soll, daß ich immer transparent bleiben will.

Alles in allem trägt das Ganze einfach mein "neues" Ich hierher und
ich bin sehr zufrieden und ich hoffe Euch gefällt es auch!

Photobucket.. of the blog-outfit had to be made.

Somehow the presentation didn't fit my current lifestyle any longer.

Light pastel colours representing the new lightness in my life,
brighter and more cheerful colours the new joy in it.
I also designed a new header image, which shows you
the many thoughts going through my mind right now.
And a new title-font, which is very clear and not so playful has been chosen to express that
despite many confused thoughts there is a absolute clarity
and a straight line to be seen in my "new" life.
And I made that title-font to look through,
to show you that I am intending to stay as transparent on this blog as I was until now.

All in all, the whole thing represents simply my "new self" here,
and I am very satisfied and I hope you like it too!

Das Wortgewirr kann man sich hier selbst kreieren:

You can create your own "word-cloud" here:

Ich habe einen Bauernhof! / I have a farm!

Farmtown bei Facebook

Happy Father's Day! / Einen fröhlichen Vatertag!

Today is Father's Day in Germany,
so in honour of all the great Fathers out there and especially to honour
my gorgeous, loving and wonderful Dad here is a little something:

Heute ist Vatertag
und um alle Klasse-Väter da draußen und vor allem
meinen supertollen, liebevollen und großartigen Papa zu ehren habe ich hier etwas Kleines:

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Just for fun ... / Nur so zum Spaß ...

Photobucket ... I have played a little with PaintShopPro and AnimationShop
(and realized how much I forgot...argh)
and came up with a cute little dancing penguin. It's a signature-tag,
which you can insert into your e-mails or just post on your blog.
If you would like one too, just contact me at


(replace the things in brackets with the real things)
I really like to make these!

Photobucket ... habe ich in PaintShopPro und AnimationShop rumgespielt
(und bemerkt, wieviel ich schon vergessen habe...arrr)
und diesen süßen kleinen tanzenden Pinguin animiert.
Es ist ein Signatur-tag, das ihr in Eure E-mails oder in Euren blog einfügen könnt.
Falls Ihr auch einen solchen möchtet, dann schreibt mir unter


(einfach die Sachen in den Klammern austauschen und losschicken)
Ich mache es wirklich gerne!


You can also leave a comment with your e-mail addy here, if you like....

Ihr könnt auch gerne hier einen Kommentar mit E-mail addresse hinterlassen...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ein Blick ins Körbchen... / A look into the basket...

Photobucket ...welches Körbchen?...
na, das Strickkörbchen!

Irgendwie wird hier gerade nichts fertig, aber der Startfinger juckt schon sehr.
Da heißt es "Stark Sein" und Durchhaltevermögen zeigen.

Und weil das eben so ist, wie es ist, gibt es nur einen kleinen Blick ins Körbchen
und die Bitte an Euch, mir doch ein paar "Weitermach"-impulse zu senden *grins*

Photobucket ...which basket?...
well you know, the knitting-basket!

Somehow nothing really gets finished right now, but the starting-finger is burning me badly.
So now I have to be "Strong" and show some discipline.

And because that's the way it is, I can only give you a Sneak Preview of my knitting basket
and I have the plea for you, to send me some good "Get-on-with-it"-vibes *grins*

Valentine Extended Edition, TulipTabletopper
"Pink 'n' Lilac"-Socks" and Black 'n' Red"-Socks

Think about it! / Denkt mal drüber nach!

Photobucket "Sometimes a foreigner
is the most devoted citizen of your country!"

This is just a thought I had in the shower today...
yes, sometimes Melly has got deep thoughts in the weirdest places...*lol*

Photobucket "Manchmal ist gerade ein Ausländer
der hingebungsvollste Mitbürger deines Landes!"

Dies ist nur ein Gedanke, den ich heute in der Dusche hatte...
ja, manchmal hat die Melly tiefgehende Gedankengänge an den komischsten Orten...*lach*

Quote of the Day : May 14

"Never forget the strength of freedom of the free world.
We know how much we value our right to worship as we please, to speak as we please, to choose our own occupations, to try to give to our children the kind of training in beliefs and faith that we believe will make them happiest. We know the values we place on those things.

Dwight D. Eisenhower, Remarks at the Armed Forces Day Dinner, May 14, 1954

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Photobucket Eine gute Freundin,
eine Flasche Coke und etwas Jack*
und dazu noch gute Gespräche und die Welt ist wieder in Ordnung!


Photobucket A good friend,
a bottle of coke and some Jack*
and a good conversation and the world is alright again!


*Jack = Jack D*niels

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day !

This goes out to all my friends and readers:

Whether you are a grandmother or a godmother,
maybe you are an expecting mother or a wannabe-soon mother,
you might just think of yourself as a motherly friend...
no matter in which situation in life this message finds you I want you to know,

that you are appreciated
and you make this world a special place!

If you have no one to pamper you today, just pamper yourself!
Enjoy the day and feel special!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

4280 miles... / 6888 kilometer...

... between us and yet our hearts and minds are so closely connected...
you have changed my life in so many ways already,
you make me smile when skies are grey...
I hope I do the same for you...

I love you!

...wish you were here...

... zwischen uns und doch sind unsere Herzen und Gedanken so nah aneinander...
Du hast mein Leben schon jetzt auf so viele Weisen verändert,
du bringst mich zum Lächeln auch wenn der Himmel grau ist.
Ich hoffe ich tue dasselbe für Dich ...

Ich liebe Dich!

...ich wünschte, Du wärst hier...