Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009


So I asked a friend the other day, what Memorial Day was all about
and then I asked "Auntie Wikipedia" about this topic too (see this article to read more).

And I had to think a lot:

So while I understand,
that the day is to commemorate all soldiers that gave their life in the wars
and I also figure that it is a great way to never forget them
and I think it is great for the families, who have been left behind,
to have a special day to remember the ones they have lost;
and also good for those, who survived, to know that they are not forgotten...
I still didn't feel comfy saying "Happy Memorial Day"

Maybe it is just my European-influenced mind
or the fact that being raised and living in Germany*
which makes me squirm at the thought of a "Happy Time" on a day
that was originally made for remembering and contemplating of all the things
those soldiers and veterans have done for their country.

On the other side I understand why the people celebrate on this day,
since most of the wars that were fought were to gain something,
to bring peace and freedom and therefore it is just right to be happy and thankful.

So I came to the conclusion that this is a day for quiet times
and also for loud celebrations, marches and music.

So with all this knowledge and thoughts and conclusions I can now shout out loud:

Happy Memorial Day, my friends!

*in Germany you get fed with the guilt of the Second World War from your first sip of breast milk and although my parents are English and were always complaining about the propaganda,
I got enough of that guilt through T.V. and school to influence me a lot. :-(

The Image I used is a Memorial Day -freebie from Del's PSP Place

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Doreen said...

Liebe Melly,

ich lese sehr gern in deinem Blog und freue mich total, das nach der langen Blogpause wieder mehr von Dir zu lesen ist.Offensichtlich hat sich einiges in deinem Leben geändert, das freut mich wirklich sehr. Du sprudelst im Moment soviel positive Lebensenergie aus dir heraus. Klasse... mach weiter so. Nur eine kleine Bitte, könntest du gleich falls auch in Deutsch posten??? Es ist so unbequem immer den Goggle-Übersetzer zu bemühen, ich versteh doch gar nicht so gut Englisch. Geht vielleicht anderen auch so. Aber bitte nicht böse auffassen, ist nur ne klitzekleine Idee am Rande.

LG Doreen, die sich mit dir freut, das es dir momentan so gut geht