Thursday, October 27, 2005

Wollfee 3 - ich bin dabei!

Es gibt wieder eine Wollfee-Aktion!
Ich bin dabei, hab mich gerade angemeldet!
Ich bin so gespannt, kann garnicht den 15. Dezember erwarten. Da ist nämlich Anmeldeschluß und Verlosung der Wollfee-Partner!

Ich bin gespannt wie ein Flitzebogen!
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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A tribute... a wonderful bird!

Today at 8.20 pm our dear budgie "Sammy" (short for Samantha) left us und went over the "Rainbow-bridge" into animal-paradise.

She was a wonderful bird, content, strong and lively.
She had bright and shiny green feathers, she was so beautiful!

At first she and our male budgie "Hansy" wouldn't adapt and they had some fights, but after a while they started to be friends and then even sweet partners. We will not forget the many times we tiptoed through the livingroom, because they were "kissing".....*lol*
Hansy has been very very quiet since sunday, not giving a loud sound as if he was feeling already that Sammy would pass away.

The vet said it was "going light syndrome" she was suffering off, an illness that can't be cured at the moment. The birds do eat and feel well, but they loose weight and in the end they are just too weak to live on.

The kids and I are devastated and we ask you all for your prayers and good thoughts.
Please light a candle especially for my daughters, they really are suffering!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Die verstrickte Dienstagsfrage - Woche 43/2005

Die verstrickte Dienstagsfrage - Woche 43/2005
Wenn ihr eine Strickzeitschrift oder ein Strickbuch das erste Mal durchblättert, fallen euch die Modelle in euren Lieblingsfarben zuerst auf und die Modelle in den "Hass"-Farben überseht ihr? Strickt ihr bevorzugt Modelle, die in euren Lieblingsfarben abgebildet sind?
Aaaaaalso, ich schau mir die Farben fast nie an, sondern das Muster.
Hassfarben überseh ich grundsätzlich und versuche (ich hab ja 'ne Menge Fantasie) mir das Ganze in Lieblingsfarben vorzustellen.
Wenn es zur Ausführung kommt, wähle ich meist die Modelle in Lieblings- und/oder Neutralfarben.
Manche Sachen, die die Verlage so bringen sind ja auch wirklich grottenschlecht,
was die Farbwahl angeht....oder nicht?
Es fragt wie immer das neugierige Wollschaf

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Candleflame and other stories...

At "Marianne's Stricktreffen" on October 1rst,
one of the girls was knitting a wonderful shawl called CandleFlame,
so I asked Claudia(that's her name) where she got the pattern from and she sent me the link after the meeting. Thanks Sweetie! I am infected with the CF-Virus!
I am knitting it for a very good friend as a X-mas gift ..... no I can't tell you, who it is, because I don't know whether she has a peep into my blog once in awhile....and she could find out and we don't want that to happen....or do we?

So no avail on that information.....hey, don't ask....I am not not not going to tell you!!! *rofl*
Not finished yet, but getting there.....slowly but surely!
Here we go, "my" CF proudly presented by my youngest daughter Cynthia:

Bei "Marianne's Stricktreffen" am 1. Oktober,
strickte eine der Mädels ein superschönes Dreiecks-schultertuch, den
Ich fragte Claudia(so heißt sie), wo sie denn die Anleitung gefunden hätte und sie war so lieb mir nach dem Treffen den link zu schicken. Danke Süße! hat mich der CF-Virus auch erwischt!

Ich stricke ihn als Weihnachtsgeschenk für eine sehr liebe Freundin ..... nein, ich kann Euch nicht verraten, wer sie ist, weil ich nicht weiß, ob sie nicht doch manchmal hier im Blog vorbeischaut....und sie könnte ja Wind von der Sache bekommen und wir wollen doch nicht, daß das passiert....oder wollen wir das?

So, Ihr habt keine Chance, das zu erfahren.....hey, nicht fragen....Ich werde Euch noch nicht einweihen!!! *lach*
Noch nicht fertig, aber langsam aber sicher wird's!

Also, guckt mal, "mein" CF präsentiert von meiner jüngsten Tochter Cynthia (Foto oben)

And: I have been knitting X-mas Giftsocks:
Und dann hab ich noch Weihnachtsgeschenksocken gestrickt:

Mermaid-socks size 28 for Cynthia, Opalsockyarn
Mermaid-socks size 34 for Elena, Opal-Petticoat
Broadripples-socks size 36/37 for Donna, Opal-Magic

Hey, it's me...

...remember me?
Yep, it's Melly, the knitchick!
Sorry folks for not writing for such a long time now, but this chick has been very very busy..
I am working on my newest projects:
Yes, yes, yes....: Christmas is coming up really quick this year and I am really looking forward to it! I have had my first "Lebkuchen" of the year about a week ago and it really really got me into the mood. I am looking forward to all the goodies and to baking Christmas-cookies (alltime favorite: Vanille-Kipferl, a bavarian speciality! Little cookies formed like small moons and covered with white "sugar"-snow.....yummy!
Yes, I am really working hard on them and things are really really looking good until now (who knows, my luck may change....hopefully not!)
I hope you all have been doing well and have been knitting as much as I have
...and sharing the joy!
Oh, i have spread the knitting-virus and got infected by the "Candleflame-Shawl"-virus, but this is just another story to tell you......woooohooooo!
I promise there will be some photos tomorrow, as I have a lot to show you!
But for now it is "TTFN" and Good night, Y'all!
Love and hugs
(the "rather tired" knitchick)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Tag....I'm it!

Deena tagged me, so here is, what i have to do!

1. Go into your archive.
2. Find your 23rd post (or closest to).
3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
5. Tag five people to do the same.

Okay, let me have a 23rd post was about my daughter coming back home from her camping-trip and the 5th sentence was this:
Einen selbstgemachten schön!So was hatte ich nämlich noch nicht...ja! *mitdemzaunpfahlwink*
which is translated:
A selfmade nice!!!! I haven't had such a thingie as of yet.....yeah! *hint hint*

That's it! Thanks, Deena, that was fun!
Now I have the opportunity to find 5 victims to tag.....*lol*
TTFN....(tata for now)