Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A tribute... a wonderful bird!

Today at 8.20 pm our dear budgie "Sammy" (short for Samantha) left us und went over the "Rainbow-bridge" into animal-paradise.

She was a wonderful bird, content, strong and lively.
She had bright and shiny green feathers, she was so beautiful!

At first she and our male budgie "Hansy" wouldn't adapt and they had some fights, but after a while they started to be friends and then even sweet partners. We will not forget the many times we tiptoed through the livingroom, because they were "kissing".....*lol*
Hansy has been very very quiet since sunday, not giving a loud sound as if he was feeling already that Sammy would pass away.

The vet said it was "going light syndrome" she was suffering off, an illness that can't be cured at the moment. The birds do eat and feel well, but they loose weight and in the end they are just too weak to live on.

The kids and I are devastated and we ask you all for your prayers and good thoughts.
Please light a candle especially for my daughters, they really are suffering!


Tina said...

Oh how sad! I know how you feel! We started with two budgies nearly ten years ago. One of them, Mogli, died three years ago and I was so sad. To cheer up the other one, Balu, (and me) we got some young guys and built them a big cage. Now Balu is really getting old and seems to have had some stroke or he has a tumor. One of his wings is lame as well as his eye-lid. He is still singing and eating and behaves normal but I try to prepare myself for his last day. Hope he won't suffer and just drop down dead as I would hate to bring him to the vet's as this would mean a lot of stress for him.
Take care and hugs to your daughters!

Sarah said...

my heart goes out to you! i know how beloved those little "people" can be.

Tina said...

Balu has passed away 3 weeks ago. Had to make the vet put him down in the end. Hope he is fine at the rainbow bridge!

Annekatrin said...

Hallo Melly,

danke für Deinen lieben Eintrag in meinem Blog.
Auf Louie wartet hinter der Regenbogenbrücke sicher ein ganzer Schwarm lieber Wellensittiche :-)

Liebe Grüße,