Saturday, October 22, 2005

Hey, it's me...

...remember me?
Yep, it's Melly, the knitchick!
Sorry folks for not writing for such a long time now, but this chick has been very very busy..
I am working on my newest projects:
Yes, yes, yes....: Christmas is coming up really quick this year and I am really looking forward to it! I have had my first "Lebkuchen" of the year about a week ago and it really really got me into the mood. I am looking forward to all the goodies and to baking Christmas-cookies (alltime favorite: Vanille-Kipferl, a bavarian speciality! Little cookies formed like small moons and covered with white "sugar"-snow.....yummy!
Yes, I am really working hard on them and things are really really looking good until now (who knows, my luck may change....hopefully not!)
I hope you all have been doing well and have been knitting as much as I have
...and sharing the joy!
Oh, i have spread the knitting-virus and got infected by the "Candleflame-Shawl"-virus, but this is just another story to tell you......woooohooooo!
I promise there will be some photos tomorrow, as I have a lot to show you!
But for now it is "TTFN" and Good night, Y'all!
Love and hugs
(the "rather tired" knitchick)

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