Wednesday, January 30, 2008

(S)watching you....

I swatched and washed and blocked this little piece for the Shawl "Dem Fischer sin fru"
I am using a lovely 100 % Merino-Laceweight yarn, which I bought on eb** some time ago.
I wanted to use this yarn for the secret of chrysopolis, but somehow i didn't find the time to knit along with the others.
I really love this yarn, it is so soft once it is washed and dried.
So here we go with a fresh start on a great shawl.

The construction seems to be a faroese shawl and so far i really love the knitting process and watching the pattern grow.
I don't know for whom this shawl will be, but i think yarn and knitting will talk to me sooner or later. ;-))

Monday, January 28, 2008

Rainy Day socks

Doing some catching up on "Stargate Atlantis" (i haven't seen season 1 yet....oooops!)
i finished the Rainy Day socks last night.
Not without some stop and go just to see as much as possible of my sweet sweet Scottish doctor Beckett ....*swoon*
(the actor is Paul McGillion....what a man!*giggles* ->
you just have to love him and his sweet accent)

So! Enough of that, I think I am "2 fries short of a good meal"
Here we go:
The Rainy Day socks can be found at

The pattern really is a Piece o' cake and supereasy to knit, so it was some mindless knitting for me. But I really loved it and now they are finished and they are all mine.
But they will be stored in my closet until I feel up to wearing them or, as usually, until I decide to give them to a friend or relative.
And yes, they are HOTPINK..............i just love HOTPINK!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

NO !!

I haven't lost it..........yet!
Just finished this pair of socks for my Mum. Ooooh, it feels so good to knit something larger than a minisock.....*lol*
Yarn: Opal Rainforest 4-ply sockyarn "EULE"
pattern: the so called "Ribbelmuster" (please just google it, will ya?)
size: 37
for: my Mum
she bought the yarn 2 years ago......... about time I knitted it up, don't you think?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Please do not disturb! / Bitte nicht stören!


Wir schauen gerade STARGATE ATLANTIS



In case you wondered, what i have been up to these last weeks, here are my results:

I promised to make at least 50 minisocks for Donna's school, they are having a bazaar on next friday. So i thought i should double that up and i made one hundred minisocks.

It took me 2 precious weeks of my knitting life!
And boy i am happy that this episode of my madness is over! *lol*

After all it is for a good purpose....

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


....yummy, sweet as honey....
only 6 words:
Dr. Carson Beckett from Stargate Atlantis

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


It all started with this Birthday-present for my daughter Donna's friend Olivia:

Fingerless Gloves by Petra and the Bamboozled Headband by Cyn

modeled by Elena

And so this is what i' ve been doing the past few days:

Headband No 2

Headband No 3Headband No 4
All Headbands were made with Sock yarn in Fingering weight and used up some of my scraps.
You really don't need much yarn to make such a Headband and it's a nice and quick knit!

I am addicted!


Pattern for Headband can be found at Half-Assed Patterns
Pattern for Stulpen/Fingerless Gloves can be found on Petra's blog

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Die verstrickte Dienstagsfrage 1/2008

Ein neues Jahr wird ja oft als Anlass für neue, gute Vorsätze genommen.
Wie sieht es auf das Stricken bezogen bei dir damit aus?
Willst du weniger Wolle kaufen? Disziplinierter an Strickstücken arbeiten?
Ufo's beenden etc. pp.?

Jaaaa, also ich habe mir vorgenommen meinen Ufo-Korb zu "reinigen", will heißen:
Alles, was nie nie nie mehr fertiggestrickt werden mag, wird geribbelt.
alles, was ich noch fertigstricken will, muss bis spätestens Mitte des Jahres verschwunden bzw. fertiggestrickt sein.

Ich möchte dieses Jahr einige größere Strickprojekte stricken, z.B. mal einen Pulli für mich
und die Lyra (Tischdecke) von Herbert Niebling
Ferner möchte ich mehr absolut sinn-und zwecklose Projekte (so wie das Toilettenpapier) stricken, einfach so zum Spaß....

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Ten years ago....

.... i was blessed with a little girl!
Elena was born on Jan 1rst 1998 at 6.37 PM, she was 52 cm long and 3780 grams of weight.
She was a cute little baby, one of the most beautiful little things I have ever seen.

And now she is slowly growing up, in 8 years time she will become off age and leave the nest.
I just hope these 8 years will pass slowly (very slowly...please!)
and i hope for her, that she will become everything she hopes to become!

Dear Elly, may this year and all the following years be full of happiness for you!

And never forget: Your mommie loves you ever so much and will always love you!

Happy Birthday Sweetie
and many many happy returns!

Happy New Year!

To all of you, my friends and readers:



Thanks for keeping us company through the last year, thanks for all your nice comments and for your friendship through good and bad times!

I hope you will stay faithful and keep reading my ramblings about my life.

love and hugs
Melly and the kiddos