Wednesday, January 23, 2008


In case you wondered, what i have been up to these last weeks, here are my results:

I promised to make at least 50 minisocks for Donna's school, they are having a bazaar on next friday. So i thought i should double that up and i made one hundred minisocks.

It took me 2 precious weeks of my knitting life!
And boy i am happy that this episode of my madness is over! *lol*

After all it is for a good purpose....


nurhanne said...

Those are so cute!

JanaT said...

In zwei Wochen!
Ich brauche einen Abend für eine! Naja, vielleicht mit etwas Übung zwei.
Sorge dafür, dass sie nicht zu billig verkauft werden - es steckt schließlich wirklich Arbeit drin.
Lieben Gruß,