Monday, January 28, 2008

Rainy Day socks

Doing some catching up on "Stargate Atlantis" (i haven't seen season 1 yet....oooops!)
i finished the Rainy Day socks last night.
Not without some stop and go just to see as much as possible of my sweet sweet Scottish doctor Beckett ....*swoon*
(the actor is Paul McGillion....what a man!*giggles* ->
you just have to love him and his sweet accent)

So! Enough of that, I think I am "2 fries short of a good meal"
Here we go:
The Rainy Day socks can be found at

The pattern really is a Piece o' cake and supereasy to knit, so it was some mindless knitting for me. But I really loved it and now they are finished and they are all mine.
But they will be stored in my closet until I feel up to wearing them or, as usually, until I decide to give them to a friend or relative.
And yes, they are HOTPINK..............i just love HOTPINK!

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