Thursday, February 10, 2011


Oh gosh, how time flies! Time for some updates! .. lol

About a month ago I finished these lovely socks:
from Cookie A.'s new book "Knit.Sock.Love"
(which my daughties gave me for X-mas)

Great pattern, but it takes a while to wrap your brain around the graphs in the book.
Well at least I took a while for me ...
Once you have done that, it’s fairly easy…

just follow Cookie’s instructions word for word and you will sail through this pattern very nicely :-))

lovely effect, but the unblocked sock looks like “an accident” .. lol
... but maybe that's just because I used a really soft sockyarn (from Rellana),
I think using some sturdier yarn (like Opal) would help on that matter ...

BTW. This is the first pattern (except the laceknitting-patterns) in which
I really really followed ALL of the instructions ;-)) all know me, I always have to substitute things in patterns with my own "stuff" ...

(Sorry an alle Deutschleser ...
ich kann grad nicht übersetzen, ich bin schon froh,
daß ich überhaupt die Kraft habe einen blogpost zu schreiben ... bitte seht es mir nach!
*google-sprachtools* hilft Euch bestimmt weiter)

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Das macht Spaß!

My Family from

Von links nach rechts: Meine Eltern, Elena, Cynthia, Meiner-Einer und Donna

vor einiger Zeit hat es noch so ausgesehen (da waren die Kids noch etwas kleiner):

My Family from