Sunday, November 13, 2011




YAY Carol Young

Thank you ever so much for your sweet words, encouragement and for enabling me to do this!

My first pair of “stranded-knitting” socks ever….

I feel so clever…LOL

you can find this sock-project and many others here:
TOXIC update:

Nearly finished with the foot-chart-repeat of the second sock..
going to bed now …
will do the rest (about 7 rows of foot and then the toe) when I get up again.

I love these socks!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


I couldn’t knit for 3 days …for several, not to be mentioend here, reasons.
At last I got really cranky and sat myself down today to knit,
feeling better by the minute ... I guess I am really into all this colour-work-mess ;-)

And I am happy now - especially because the first sock is finished.

I really enjoyed the “cut-and-paste”-part for the toe in the pattern.
That was fun and the "child-inside" enjoyed it very much :-D

I only needed one pattern-repeat for the foot (after the gussett) … I made the “flaming toes”

…wonderful result, wonderful fit. Look:

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Sunday, November 06, 2011

That's it!

Both heels done…very nice …
it's late and I am not very chatty today ... sooo tired out!

tomorrow: gusset and foot …
still fun and I am surprised how well this is going.

And I am in love with colour-work

- hare-brained me is queuing fairisle-stuff like a crazy -

just as I thought this really helps me get over my “stranded-fear” ;-)

Friday, November 04, 2011


First heel done … 

I realized that my row-gauge is totally off :-( … 
but the stitch gauge is completely alright….well then, doesn’t matter (I hope).
The heel looks weird to me - more like an Ogre-Heel - but fits perfectly.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

I have totally....

... caught up now…lol…

I have finished the leg-part of both socks and I am very happy.

-Nothing nicer than a smiling knitter, isn't there?-

I noticed that my knitting-tension is different every day
- which is not as recognizable while knitting one-colour-socks or other knits -
some would say now: "oh you don't say..",

but for me it is a new experience...
being an even and "not-too-tight-but-just-right" knitter until now...
but with colour-work everything is different for me and I am learning a lot :-D

So, I had to adjust quite a few times to get the tension of the second sock  *
- which I had been working on to check if I could get looser gauge and strand -
close to the tension of the first aka second sock ...

not so easy, but managable.
And once again I noticed I am a sucker for challenges ...

LIVE and KNIT without FEAR! ;-P

*remember? I did the first sock and tension was too tight,
so I started the second sock and swapped the numbers).

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Now who ..

 ... put the U in Fun? I don't know, but it doesn't matter anyway, or does it?

Today I put  the first sock aside
and got out my 2,5 mm DPNs ...
- I love my DPNs ... I tried magic-loop, but it just slows me down to snail-speed-knitting -
 soo I continued the second sock on my MAGIC-DPNS
- they give me speed and confidence and the feeling of being "OH SO INTELLIGENT"
because I am able to juggle 5 pointy-sticks at once .. and now what is wrong with that?*giggles*

At 3 pm I caught up with the first sock  (left one on pic is 2nd sock and right is 1rst sock) ..

I think it looks better and it feels better too….I am slowly getting used to the stuff and I am glad …
in fact I am loving it!!! It’s so much fun!

9 pm: leg-part of second sock is finished…

I think I am going to frog sock one tomorrow and reknit it

On a side-note: These socks are supposed to be mine,
but Elena (my middle daughter) is starting to “claim” them ;-) ..
NO! I can't let that happen!!!