Thursday, November 03, 2011

I have totally....

... caught up now…lol…

I have finished the leg-part of both socks and I am very happy.

-Nothing nicer than a smiling knitter, isn't there?-

I noticed that my knitting-tension is different every day
- which is not as recognizable while knitting one-colour-socks or other knits -
some would say now: "oh you don't say..",

but for me it is a new experience...
being an even and "not-too-tight-but-just-right" knitter until now...
but with colour-work everything is different for me and I am learning a lot :-D

So, I had to adjust quite a few times to get the tension of the second sock  *
- which I had been working on to check if I could get looser gauge and strand -
close to the tension of the first aka second sock ...

not so easy, but managable.
And once again I noticed I am a sucker for challenges ...

LIVE and KNIT without FEAR! ;-P

*remember? I did the first sock and tension was too tight,
so I started the second sock and swapped the numbers).

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