Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Melly's wisdoms ... lol

Don't let good looks and sweet features deceive you!
You might find, that the prettiest person on this world only wears this as a cloak for the darkness within. Instead look at their actions and how they treat children and animals....there you will find the truth about whether the person is good or bad.

Don't judge before you have done that.

Sometimes the ugliest person will have the kindest heart, and the prettiest person will be full of hatred.
(one of Melly's wisdoms, learned the hard way!... pass it on if you like it)

Be blessed and have a great day! :-)

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day :-D

This goes out to all my friends and readers:

If you are a Mom, it might be that you are a single-mom or a married mom...

or you are a grandmother or a godmother,

maybe you are an expecting mother or a wannabe-soon mother,

maybe you are a mother without children,
you always wanted some but it was never meant to be ...

you might just think of yourself as a motherly friend...

no matter in which situation in life this message finds you I want you to know,

that you are appreciated
and you make this world a special place!

If you have no one to pamper you today, just pamper yourself!
Enjoy the day and feel special!

And for you to enjoy I want to share this with you all...
and I dedicate this to my Mom (listen to the lyrics, Mum, please)