Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day :-D

This goes out to all my friends and readers:

If you are a Mom, it might be that you are a single-mom or a married mom...

or you are a grandmother or a godmother,

maybe you are an expecting mother or a wannabe-soon mother,

maybe you are a mother without children,
you always wanted some but it was never meant to be ...

you might just think of yourself as a motherly friend...

no matter in which situation in life this message finds you I want you to know,

that you are appreciated
and you make this world a special place!

If you have no one to pamper you today, just pamper yourself!
Enjoy the day and feel special!

And for you to enjoy I want to share this with you all...
and I dedicate this to my Mom (listen to the lyrics, Mum, please)

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