Monday, April 25, 2005

News, news, news

And again I found my way here......I really seem to be very busy these
...but not with lace-knitting, but searching for lace-knitting patterns, books, yarn and other stuff all over the net. Bought some really nice things on ebay and several other great sites here on the net..
Well, this is going to cost me a fortune not only in money, but also in time.

I have been hardly knitting, I was to busy searching for stuff.
Finished the Birthdaypresent for my Mum and am now working on a Birthdaypresent for the Kindergarten Teacher at my youngest daughters Kindergarten.
Well very busy....

On Friday I showed my second daughter (she is 7 years old) how to knit and I am so exited and pleased about how well she is doing. She caught on straight away and really loves it.
And today?.....wellllllll, today i have been to my favorite yarn and needles shop and bought some..................yep, knitting needles......oooops!
So then, I have to go and knit a bit.....*giggle*...otherwise I can't sleep.
Good night and hope to see you soon!

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