Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy Birthday, C.J. !

Today is my youngest daughter Cynthia Judene's (C.J.) Birthday.

She turned 8 today. Eight already?

...oh sheesh, time flew so fast this last year...

i think i'm getting old.

What to say?

My youngest has grown up to be an awesome young lady: She is empathetic (well she alway was..but i tell you it is growing),
lovable, sometimes crazy and nerve-wracking, but yet very sweet.

She has gained lots and lots of friends this last year
and is always on the road, never much at home.

Although she still has to learn where her borders are and just how far she can push.....she is learning how to behave well and adapting to community-rules.

Now what more:

I am always amazed how much love this kid has for others and how her ability to share (whatever she owns or gains or gets as a gift) still seems to grow.

Also i am in awe how much joy and happiness she gets just out of the tiniest present.

You could give her a lollipop and she would hug you and kiss you and let you know that you are " the very best"....that's my Cynthia!
I just hope she never looses that, i think it is a great gift to be happy over the "little" things and being able to show it!

Cynthia, believe in yourself always and stay put on that road your on!

I love you! Happy Birthday!


1 comment:

Sandra said...

Liebe Cynthia,
wenn auch nachträglich, dafür umso herzlicher: Alles Liebe zu deinem Geburtstag ;-)