Thursday, April 12, 2012

Eastereggs and "shawly" treats ...

So there! 
No chocolate-eastereggs for poor Miss Melly this year, but instead ... 

and I have to admit, that this is soooo much better than chocs
(but *shshsh* don't tell my parents, who gave this "easter-treat" to me!)  ... 

I got a pattern!!! From my parents!!! Now how cool is that??? :-D

"A lovely and great and nice and pleasing to the eye" pattern ...

a shawl pattern! (oh!--oh!)

 - fellow knitters who really DO know me will be thinking: 
"A shawl pattern for Miss Melly? Well....good luck with that, it will never get finished" -

Not really being a shawl-knitter (and -wearer)  and also living up to that reputation
(abso-knitting-lutely sticking to that!)
I really do enjoy looking at all those really nice shawls and shawlettes
and scarfs and wraps and "knick-knacks" on various pattern-pages
and also have been caught putting them into my queue on Ravelry,
but only once in a while  seldom I really manage gathering the guts
and patience to knit one. - insert "like never" into this sentence without saying it loud ... lol .. -

But this one is different 
and it is bound to change something in my knitterly-life:

I did some stash-diving and found some yarn I liked  and could use for it

and started on April 9th...and had fun!!! I really did!!! :-D

After 5 repeats of the "body-chart"

Now how surprising is that?

I have to say: Not too surprising at all!!!

It IS a very nice pattern, completely reversible when finished
and the lace edgings and the cable-part of the shawl are bound to keep my "knitting-ADS" at bay ;-)


And here we go....-whooping 4 days later- on April 12th:


drying after washing - didn't block it, but instead chose to just pull it into shape and let it dry over night

FINISHED! dreary day, so no "outside" pictures:-(

I used about 130 grams of OPAL Cotton 4-ply Sockyarn and 3,5 mm circular needles.
I did 12 increase chart-repeats and 10 body chart-repeats and then 12 decrease chart-repeats :-D

And my Mum absolutely loves it! :-D
... so she says anyway ...

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Einschies blog said...

Ohhh Melly, was für ein schöner Schal, den werd ich mir auch kaufen müssen...aber erst wenn meine Lintilla fertig ist und noch zwei andere Sachen...sieht aus, als würde der schon beims tricken ganz viel Spaß machen;-))

Liebe Grüße,