Friday, June 30, 2006

Football (soccer)....

...was never my favorite thing, when i was younger. I just couldn't get what the use of that game was.
Ooooh, how happy i was when i gave birth to those lovely DAUGHTERS.
Yay, i thought, no football-games for me.....oh, superb, ballet-tutus and little shoes.....

Now, that I am more mature ( am i ???), i had to realize, that life does not always play our way
(i did know that before, but it seems as if you need to learn that lesson over and over before it really sinks in)
and that i should stuff that "ballet-dream" up my "you-know-what".

My oldest daughter was really getting to me for about 1 1/2 years about wanting to start playing football(soccer) in a team and have REAL training units.
I refused...(i did fight it off)...i brought up the injury-topic...i told them to think it over...etc..etc..
...until just recently....
Boys (!!!!) were stopping by and asking whether Donna would come out and have a football-match with them. "She is a great player", they told me, "we need her in our team".
I asked them, how they knew....the answer was: "Donna is playing with us every day in school and on the way home"
Shortly after that, my second daughter Elena came home from school with an injured knee and bruises on her legs. The answer to the "what happened to you"-question was: "Oh, we just had a little soccer-match. This does not hurt, don't you worry".
So, we all had a little talk and i did a little Google-search ...... and now i am a "proud" football (soccer) Mum.
AND I have to admit, that you can really really get very very involved in the game and excited and the game is not as stupid as i thought after all.

GO FIGURE, maybe i should learn my lesson now and next time i will not judge something before i know more about it.
I think i like football (soccer) ..............

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