Sunday, February 24, 2008


Another doily just jumped off my needles. I am ever so happy!!!

As it's just called "white doily", i will give it this name:

"End of summer doily" (or "wheatdoily" or such)

The pattern is from the Mag 'Diana Special-Strickdeckchen D 449' from 1998

I really had to show a lot of patience knitting the last 30 rows (i had between 700 and 900 stitches on my needles, which felt like "bloody" 3000 stitches), but then I just told myself: "Go on! Go for it! One row down, another 30 (29, 28 etc.) rows to go!" and at last I made it.........WOOOHOOOO!
It's still undressed, so it's far away from being a beauty, but:

Now I am going to wash, starch and block it out....this is going to be "fun" *yuk*
wish me luck :-))


Anonymous said...

Good luck blocking your doily. It is beautiful! Congratulations on finishing and being able to enjoy your hard work.

wendy said...

Oh, you make such pretty doilies!