Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Back to School !

Back to School after a long holiday (6 weeks for the kids, 13 years for me).....lol....
Well, I started School yesterday and I must say i am very very happy about going to school again. My fellow students and i are right now adjusting to the new situation and making friends already.
WE are all single-moms and this year of school is all about computers, MS-office, html, ecommerce etc.
The teachers are trying to boost our self-esteem and give us a good basic knowledge about computers and a new chance to find a good job!
Very nice people are in school, indeed!
I am very happy!

My kids:
Donna was sick today and couldn't attend first day of "Back to school", she wasn't very happy about that! She is in 4.Grade now.
Elena went to school singing and laughing and came back as happy as a little bumble-bee.
Elena really takes after her Mum (that's me...lol), she loves going to school and just can't get enough of it. She loves reading and writing, Maths and all..........she is a born learner!....I just can't help but being proud of her. She has started 2. Grade.
Cynthia is on her last year of Kindergarten and very happy to have one year of playing left.
She is now, what they call a "Preschool"-kid in Germany (last year in Kindergarten with special training for "real" school).

So far the Mathews' News.....*ggggg*

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