Monday, September 05, 2005

Happy Birthday to me?...Definitely!

Yes, today is the BIG DAY: My 32. Birthday!
Woohoo, i love Birthdays!
Especially, when dear Knitter-Friends turn up to celebrate with me. My wool-provider Marianne and Michael and Ute came to knit, talk, eat cake (we had apfelstrudel...yummy) and have fun with me.
Here we are (I am the one in black in the middle):
Donna and Lydia also came by to wish me luck for the "new year" of my life and many many dear friends called to say "Happy Birthday".

My daughter Donna saved her pocketmoney to buy me those expensive, extra luxurious ebony-needles.......she is such a doll!
It was a great day and we laughed a lot and for the time being I could forget all my worries!
Thanks to all, who made this day so special!

So then here are the birthday-gifts:

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suzann thompson said...

Hi Melly--I love your Deutsch/English knitting blog! Die Trachten shawl is wunderbar. I have always loved the Trachten sweaters with all the cables and twists and embroidery and pretty shaping. I have a couple of old Anna magazines that are devoted to Trachten knitting.
Ich bin Texaner, aber meine Mutter is aus nord-Bayern. Mein Mann und ich, und unsere zwei Toechter, wohnte sieben Jahre in England.

Froehliche Geburtstag!