Friday, February 17, 2006

A desperate try.... find explanations:
Why did this woman, who's name shall not be mentioned right now ahemm, called Melly cease to write in English and just rambles in the German language right now?
Why doesn't she just carry on translating all the stuff she is writing scribbeling?

Facts are:
I have been too lazy, to busy working on my knitting projects and producing more Ufo's anyone can hardly bear and to busy going to school, looking after my kids, pampering my wool-princess (=similar to a secret pal) and waiting anxiously for the Mystery Shawl Along 3 to start, so I just didn't bother with a translation......oh, yeah I did suck! You're right! :-((

An Apology:
To all my English-speaking visitors: I am very sorry, that this happened and I promise will try to not make this happen again.
I hope you will forgive me and still visit me in my virtual living-room once in a while and sit next to me on my online-couch and have coffee(or a cuppa tea) and lovely cake (homemade!) with me.

Would that be a deal?
If yes, we would say:

And last (but not least!):
I love you all and hope to see you more often!
Love and hugs

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