Tuesday, April 04, 2006

HELP!!! Would someone fill me in?

Hi there,
I need some advice and someone to fill me in.
Is this true?
Opal-sockyarn is very expensive in the U.S. of Amerika?

And if I decide to send some of it to someone really nice and lovable, how would I declare it?
Is it sufficient to write "As gift" on it?
And does it help to put a "Air mail"-Sticker on the parcel?

OOOOOOH, this is really bugging me.....would someone please help me out?
Thanks in advance!


Sooza said...

Hi Melly, bisher noch keine Antwort auf Deine Frage? Ich würde es einfach als "gift" aufführen. Ist doch nicht falsch.

No answer so far? I wouldn't hesitate and declare it as 'gift'. Nothing wrong with that, I think.

Happy Knitting

Knitchick.Melly said...

(((( Sooza )))),
ich drück Dich ganz feste und danke dir für deine Antwort!
Ich dachte schon, ich werde das nie hinkriegen.
Liebe Grüsse