Thursday, August 31, 2006

My dear Secret Pal...

....has sent the most wonderful package one could dream of. It arrived yesterday!
My Secret Pal's name is Liia and she is from Estonia, her husband and she are awaiting their first baby in November and are very exited about it. So am i!!!

Dear Liia,
the package is sooo wonderful! I just love all the wool you have sent me and i have lots of new projects on my mind now....
I just want to thank you and hope, as you wrote too, that we will stay in contact even though this time of Secret Pal 8 has come to an end now.
I am very very very thankful and happy about the nice things you have sent.
It was like Christmas and Easter together on one day!
Although I am not a great fan of multi-coloured patterns I will certainly try one of the beautiful patterns in the booklets you have sent me (maybe i will change my mind then and will turn into a multi-coloured pattern-lover)
And the socks? Oh, soooo gorgeous! They have been on my feet since the package arrived and i got lovely and warm feet now. Thank you ever so much! I never made toe-socks(i call them footgloves), but can imagine how much work they were. They will be treasured!
I would hug you, if you were with me right now, but as you aren't i will send you a BIG VIRTUAL HUG!!!

Now y'all, have a look what I have been gifted with:

Some multicoloured Novelty-yarn,
real Estonian Sheep-wool (blue, winered and off-white)
Liia told me the nature-coloured wool is for dyeing, but i just love the way it smells, so i will just cuddle up to it for a while, before i use it...*gg*
a cute little sheep-chap (with a fat belly, he is soo gorgeous).
2 great pattern-booklets with great REAL Estonian Mittenpatterns.
a handmade beewax-candle,
beautiful beeds and lots of great Estonian pralines (half of them are already
and a little ball of linen.

some footgloves , have a look

Aren't they just gorgeous! They are warm and cozy and the colours make me smile

Oh, i can't ever express, how great this is feeling and how thankful i am .

Oh, Liia, once again:


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