Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween, Folks!

This year we are really having a bash. I did this:

Don't tell me you were suffering a heart-attack now....*lol*

And here are the kids just before the "Trick or Treat"-hunt:
My Elena wanted to be a witch as usual,
Donna is some Alien from the Stargate Atlantis Series
and Cynthia (as seen already) is a real "Zombie".
This kid is so great, always in for something new and scary....*biggrin*
The little pirate is a friends son, he is 3 years old.


nurhanne said...

They all look great, especially the zombie! How did you make the knife - styrofoam, cardboard?

JanaT said...

Der Zombie sieht ja toll aus. Große Bewunderung!