Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Desperately looking for...

....the December 2007 issue of Simply Knitting.

It has a Shaun the sheep and friends mobile pattern with it and I would like to have that pattern.
(I need need need that pattern.....please help me! I am desperate)

Maybe someone who reads this has it and is willing to swap for yarn or sell it?
Please contact me at:

knitchick.melly at gmail.com (just replace the at with @)

Thanks in advance!
love and hugs


iris-julimond said...

Hi Melly

i have the same problem...i like the sheep, but no chance for me, to get the pattern.

Good luck to you


Anonymous said...

... ich weiss ja nicht, ob es das ist und ob euch das was nützt: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Simply-knitting-Issue-35_W0QQitemZ320231450154QQcmdZViewItem - über Ravelry findet sich der Designer Alan Dart. Vielleicht gibt es eine Möglichkeit, die Anleitung bei ihm zu kaufen. Ich habe das Heft leider nicht.

Ich drücke die Daumen.

LG; Anja (myblog.de/sockenanja)