Monday, March 03, 2008

Mission accomplished!

The Daffodil Design by Marianne Kinzel is a FO now.

Here it is unblocked (just went over it with the iron)
And now blocked out:
and now nicely arranged on my table:
I am happy I have finished it, although i am not so pleased about the difference in colour the two yarns had. But adding white yarn would have been
Still contemplating on dyeing it to a different colour.
What do you think?
Any suggestions?


Soo said...

It is really lovely! I would also be tempted to dye it to one colour. A pale yellow would probably work (although I haven't dyed much so don't have any real advice!)

Tsea said...

Huhu Melly,

I admire your knitting skill! I would never have the skills and the patience to knit such a wonderful doily.
Concerning the colour... I would rather dye it, in a shade of yellow.

Kind regards,

that girl n said...

Hi there - Going with what the others said, I would suggest dyeing it in a nice shade of yellow. Not necessarily even a pale one - daffodils are yellow, after all :-)