Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lyra finished!

I knitted Lyra within 11 days (and nights...*lol*).
And added one day to wash, starch and block "her". So 12 days to complete the task.

I am very happy and proud of myself.

Yes I admit it, it somehow feels as if I have finally earned the rights to call myself a lace knitter.
Although I have been knitting doilies and other lace for about 14 years now, i never just felt like I feel now since I have knitted LYRA....funny, huh?

Here are some facts:
Lyra is very addictive and so great to knit.
I was amazed, that it wasn't as hard to knit as I thought it might be.
In fact I was frightened at first and not so sure, if I could accomplish this major task.
But then I just started to knit and it got to me, I just couldn't stop....I was "hooked"!
Lyra just took over and I was knitting like a maniac = addiction!

I used Four Seasons Gründl Häkelgarn 100, that is fine crochet cotton, and
size 2 and 2,5 mm needles.
My Lyra is 40 inches in diameter.
And I also had the "squished" leaves I read so many Lyra-knitter writing about and I found out, that it must be the result of the major increase of stitches for the flower.
I wasn't so happy about it, but my Mother reminded me of this:
"You can't find symmetrical leaves in nature. Some are squished, some are squashed....that's about normal!" Truly a wise woman, my Mum is!

And I've decided:
This will definitely not be my one and only Lyra, I just got some cotton for another Lyra
the other day.

And just to complete this entry, here is a detail-shot
(just like the one Soo has got on her site...
....I just loved it, so I had to play copycat here....hope you don't mind, Soo....)


Claudia Strickreich said...

Hallo Melly,

die Lyra ist süperb. Ich finde diese Art zu stricken sehr schön, leider passen diese Deckchen gar nicht zu meiner Einrichtung.

Liebe Grüße
Claudia Strickreich

Silke said...

Wow, Lyra ist wirklich der Hammer! Wunder-, wunderschön!
Ein schönes Osterfest und liege Grüße

Jacqui said...

is it really not as hard as you feared? ~I'd love to try ... one day, well done she is stunning!

Blauer Schwan said...

oh wow - I bow in awe - congratulations, with that you have every reason to be proud of yourself. Just calling yourself a lace knitter does no justice to this project. MASTER lace knitter is more like it.

Mary said...

Einfach wunderwunderschön! Eine absolut tolle Decke!
LG Mary

Anonymous said...

Your Lycra looks wonderful!

Beautiful knitting,

Marlies said...

ohh wie zauberhaft schön deine Lyra ist. Einfach ein wunderschönes Design. Ja es macht unheimlcih spass mal was so grosses zu stricken. Ich muss gestehn in weiss sieht sie sehr edel aus. Einfach nur schönnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Ganz herzlichste Grüsse Marlies