Monday, July 04, 2011

Testknitting - Owl keyring

 What a lovely testknit.... :-D
this little Owl keyring will delight everybodies heart and makes them smile.
My result looks a little "toffee-nosed" (as my Mum said ... I said she is sleeping .. lol) and therefore I announce the owl being a girl and a royalty.
May I formally introduce you to

Her Royal Highness Lady Carla

Had no scrap-felt handy so I tried to embroider the beak 
(well I tried, as my embroidery-skills are close to … 
nice pattern, nice knit, super instructions….thanks a lot for the opportunity to testknit, dear Emma :-)
I used Zitron sockyarn for the body and some handpainted brown for the wings. needlesize 2 mm 
Lady Carla is 5 cm tall :-)

The pattern is online already and available here:

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