Saturday, January 07, 2006

Erste Socken 2006 - First socks in 2006

Die ersten im neuen Jahr will ich Euch hier zeigen:
I want to show off my first socks of the new year here:
Berlin-socks for my Mum Linda, size 37, Opalwool

Birthday-socks for Elena, size 34, wool: Fortissima socka

Socks (simple stockinette) for my Mum Linda, size 37, Opal Elemente


Lynda said...

What pretty socks! - and, your blog is the most beautiful I've seen! I found you just wandering through blogland on a Saturday!

I've got a CountYourSocks thing (not really a knitalong) going- check it out if you'd like - we'd love to add a blogger from Bavaria!

Wollfee said...

Hello my dear,

very pretty socks and you are very busy. I only knitted two pairs this year.

have a nice week and look after yourself.
best regards
your "wollfee"