Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy Birthday, Elena!

Today is Elena's Birthday.

My middle one turned 8 and is now amongst the "BIG Girls".
Wow, how time flies!
It seems like yesterday I "insisted" on having my second baby on New Years-Day and labor started at about 2 pm.
And it seems like yesterday, that the most beautiful birth you can have took place.....we laughed and joked, my dear friend Conny and I. The doctor and the midwife stood there in awe as we could take all so easy, they couldn't believe it!
Elena was born in a jiffy and started to look at me straight away and gorgeous....she smiled a little newborn-smile at me.
It was love at first sight! It was to different and yet so sweet!

What is to say about my Elena?
She tends to be quiet in public, but can be a little devilish at home, she cares a lot for her sisters, although she also knows how to hide that empathy. Boy, she can be stubborn...........but also knows how to give in, when she see the need of giving in...*lol*
She has a very analytic mind and gets the pictures behind the scenes faster than I do (sometimes...*g*)
and she is an artist:
She draws supernice pictures and sings like an angel, she has a sense for the beauty of things and of colourcombination and she can get use out of almost everything I want to throw away........especially my scrap yarn.......*giggles*
She is a unique little girl, she loves Elefants and Diddlemouse and all things that are "for princesses"..........but she also likes to play soccer with her sister Donna.
She has so many facettes in her personality, so you just have to love her once you know her!Well, we do!!!!
So it's just :
Stay as you are, as you are perfectly made the way you are!
Mummy loves you dearly!

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