Friday, September 14, 2007

1 sock, 2 socks -- pink socks, blue socks!

Such a lot of new socks........
Oh, what fun! Oh, what fun!
In these socks you can even run!

First we have Japanese Feather Lace Socks reloaded.
Have to knit these again and again and again.....they knit up so good and look even better!Size 39/40 for my friend Sandra
She gave me this fabulous pink wool of hers and asked me to knit some socks for here we go! I really enjoyed myself knitting them and i hope she will like them.

And here we go with some blue socks.
Baby blue to be correct.....very nice and warm Regia silk 6-ply wool, knits up very very nice and has a nice shine to it.
My Mum bought the wool and asked me to knit her some warm socks. Size 37
The pattern is a mock-cable and can be found in the newest Sabrina Special Socken & Co, S 1270.
This mag was a gift from my Mum. I love it!

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Elke said...

Das sind aber ganz schöne Socken. Tolle Muster.
Viele Grüße