Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My Birthday../ Mein Geburtstag...

is today and while perusing over my presents i gave way to memories:

33 years ago on my birthday i turned 1 and got some very nice books, e.g. the Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes = i always loved that book and i still own it today. (i still enjoy reading it and looking at the pictures)


23 years ago on my birthday my parents gave me a camera: a pocket flash
I love that thing!

16 years ago on my birthday i turned 18 and got lots and lots and lots of great gifts and had a blasting good time with family and friends. Plus the fact that i was now responsible for all my doings and whereabouts....great feeling to be an adult.

15 years ago on my birthday i had a blasting good time at a club with my friends and i met the father of my 2 older daughters for the first time.
(oooohoooo, great guy! ... although he turned out to be a right looser years later...sadly!)

11 years ago on my birthday i was fully occupied by my first daughter Donna, who was 6 months old at that time.

10 years ago on my birthday i was pregnant with Elena Frances and was sadly watching the funeral of Princess Diana on T.V.
On this day the idea for the second name of Elena came up in my mind, Princess Di's 2nd name was Frances and i like that name so much, so in memorial of our dear Princess i gave Elena that name too. (I didn't want to push the line too hard and give her the full name, as i figured that there would be thousands of Dianas the year after.)

8 years ago on my birthday i was in hospital after giving birth to my 3rd daughter via C-section.

4 years ago on my birthday i had a "big" party, i was delighted to get many many presents from near and far (my friend Lyn even sent me some flowers via fleurop, she lives in England), i have had many visitors and was very happy to have passed the 30-mark

2 years ago on my birthday i had a few knitter-friends over at my place and we had a knitting good time! you can look here (<-click) for details.

This year on my birthday
(today...*lol*) i was surrounded by my family, we watched a great film, had cake and had a very nice time.
My daughters gave me 2 books from my wishlists and some very nice earrings. My parents got me an orchid, which is very lovely, and the promise for a great X-mas gift which will be a Birthday-gift too. (it must be soo huge and expensive, so they had to divide it into two...must be a booster...can't wait for X-mas...*giggles madly*)


klengelchen said...

Hallo Melly,

hier auch noch mal, nicht nur per mail und im Forum *gg, Herzlichste Glückwünsche zum Geburtstag, immer kreative Ideen und genug Futter für die Nadeln, viel Gesundheit und alles, was Du Dir selbst wünschst...auch das wünsche ich Dir.

liebe Grüße

Heike - klengelchen

Garnprinzessin said...

Herzlichen Glückwunsch nachträglich! ;-)

Liebe Grüsse von der


Michelle said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had a great time this year.