Wednesday, September 19, 2007

WIP - Work in progress

Just wanted to show you a few things which are in progress right now.

The Daffodil-Design by Marianne Kinzel (yes i am still working on that one):
Nearly finished and then ran out of yarn.....sheeesh!
Yarn is discontinued, because it was in my stash for about 10 years or more.
I found some similar yarn in similar colour (a bit lighter than the other), but i can't get myself to finish it off. So now: Hibernating
Edit 09-09-07: Just took a newer photo of this to be seen, only a few rows are left to do...i really should get my guts together and finish this...heck, i really should!
Note to self: Finish Dad's socks and then go for it!

Niebling's Goldregen:

Started this and then put it away to finish some socks. Since then it is in my basket and i can't get myself to finish it => too many projects i want to try BEFORE i return to this one....*lol*

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Ricarda said...

Gorgeous, really gorgeous... Both patterns seem to be a difficile piece of work, but I like both very much. They WIP-doileys look like a knitted dream. ;)

(Ich bin sehr begeistert.)

Best regards,