Saturday, April 19, 2008

Look what I got:

on Thursday:But let me start here:
The day didn't start to well for us, Elena Frances (my middle daughter) woke up with a terrible headache and couldn't go to school.
I had much work to do, the household had to suffer a bit in the last few days, because I was knitting to much ... *lol*... so I had to work hard to catch up with all my chores.
But then.........and this is just to sweet for words
I went to my mailbox and there was a great surprise waiting for me!
Sharon sent me a puffy with a crocheted angel inside of, I was stunned, had goose-pimples and (of course) was crying my eyes out.
(I always cry...when I am sad, when I am overwhelmed, when I am happy....)
Here is what she wrote:
Dear Melly:
I'm sending a little angel your way,
I hope it helps to brighten your day.
Welcome to our Dishcloth Family,
hugs Sharon
Now, isn't that just the sweetest thing?

Thanks, Sharon, so much for making this day so special for me and giving me this warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach.
Folks, I am so happy I could scream for joy!


Heute habe ich einen Engel aus Kanada bekommen, einfach so als Willkommensgeschenk für die neue Gruppe, in die ich eingetreten bin.

So eine tolle Überraschung!

Ich bin sehr überwältigt, vor allem weil der Tag für uns nicht sehr gut begonnen hatte
und ich ziemlich am Boden war.
Aber jetzt habe ich wieder Auftrieb, solche Überraschungen sind einfach toll!

Danke Sharon!

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