Monday, December 25, 2006


...X-mas socks for the kids.

on the left handside:

Socks for Elena, size 36, knitted with the fabulous handpainted yarn "Tartan" from Kirsten
with a very simple but surprisingly very nice pattern(4stitches repeat):

1-3 round: *knit4* repeat all way around
round 4: *purl2tog* repeat all way around
(be careful about the tension, it has to be very loose)
round 5: *k1,m1 (knit one through front loop, don't drop stitch, then knit one out of back loop)*
repeat all way around.
round 6: knit all

in the middle:

Socks for Cynthia, size 31, knitted with "Dornröschen" from wollmeise
my friend Karin gave the wool to me and i have already knitted some socks for me from the skein, but there was enough left for some socks for C.
no pattern in these one, only a simple p2,k2 cuff and a stockinette foot

on the right:

Socks for Donna, size 38, knitted with 6ply Elisa-Wool purchased from Marianne
the pattern is the "Scala" from the "Socken-Kreativ-Liste"

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