Sunday, August 28, 2005

Happy Birthday, Cynthia!

Today is Cynthia's Birthday.
My little one turned 6 and is now a "BIG Girl".
Wow, how time flies!
It seems like yesterday I had to rush into hospital, because labor had started. And it seems like yesterday i had to have that d... c-section, because her little heart got into trouble.
And it seems like yesterday the doctors had a good chuckle, because my little fairy made herself a cushion out of the navel cord.

So, there we go............she is starting to grow up slowly but surely.

What is to say about my little one?
She is very lively, sweet, lovable and kind...........but also kind of
She cares for others more than other kids of that age, she always did feel empathy for the lost and suffering.
She knows to laugh about funny stuff, until her tummy hurts and also knows to cry at sad stories.
She must be the most ticklish person on earth. You can tickle her everywhere and she giggles to sweet, you just have to giggle with her........

She is a unique little girl, with a voice like Minnie Mouse .... that is why she got the Nickname "Minnie".....she knows how to charm both old and young and wrap them around her little finger.
Be aware, you just have to love her once you know her!
Well, we do!!!!

So it's just :
Stay as you are, as you are perfectly made the way you are!
Mummy loves you dearly!

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