Sunday, May 14, 2006

Proud Mom speaking...

Although I don't really like all the madness about Mother's Day,
I really had a nice and pleasant one today!
In my Opinion you should honour your Mum every day of the year, think of her, love her, appreciate her and on top of that: Tell her that you do!!! Every day, every week, every month, every year!
But since the kids enjoy, telling their Mummy (that's me..speaks Proud Mom), how much they love her and like to give some handmade gifts on this day, I do endure the madness....... and ....okay, I have to admit I do enjoy and love it...*giggles*

I have had a gorgeous day! First off I woke up at about 7.30 am to hear rustles and giggles in the kitchen....oh, well, Mother's Day!...i thought and went back to sleep, well aware that I would need all my strength for the cleaning up, that would come later on!
At 8.30 am the kids stood quietly giggling before my bed with fresh coffee (yummy!) and toast with orange-marmalade...woohoo!..what a nice start into the day!!
And surprise surprise, the kitchen was cleaned up..........NO MESS!......i was gabberflasted!
So I had my coffee and the toast and got up, did the things you do in the morning and was told to sit down and get my knitting out.....
.......What?????.....are they kiddin?....have they gone out of their minds???....

Then they came up with some poems and presents (pictures tomorrow, got to get new batteries for the digicam), how sweet!
(I have to admit, I had some good use of kleenex today...but don't tell anyone! Pwease!)

At 11.30 am Donna and Elena (my two "big girls") told me to knit along no matter what happens:"Relax and knit your sox, Mum, we will be doing something in the kitchen! And please: STAY OUT!"
Okay, I am a very very obedient Mum and did my thing, while carefully listening to pots and pans being tortured in the kitchen.
Finally, at 1 pm we had dinner! Yes you are reading right: The kids cooked dinner!!!!
And they really did a good job! We had seasoned rice with a turkey-dish (that's turkeybreast with tomatoes and mushrooms, nicely seasoned with "whatsoever"). It was delicious!
(Really, this is not "Proud Mom" speaking now, it really was fabulous!)
I will have to say thanks to Donna's teacher (They offered a cooking-course in school and she learned to do that dish in that course!).

After that? The kitchen? A mess!!! The table? A mess!! My hair? A mess!!!....*lol*
But the kids offered to clean the kitchen and the table, they even cleaned their rooms....
We had desert, a nice caramel-pudding, and off they went to play! Quietly!!! And me?
I was left to knit, knit, knit, knit...

It was a great day!

THANKS KIDS!!! I love you so much!

And then there is only one question left:
Can't Mother's Day be more often????


Jo Ashcroft said...

Penguins and knitting, how cool is that?

How old are the kids? Mine are 8 and 6 and the kitchen was a state on Mother's day!

Knitchick.Melly said...

Hi Jo,
hey you like penguins very cool! I love your profile-photo!
My daughters are 10, 8 and 6.
Donna (10) and Elena (8) did the work, Cynthia (6) was at a friends until noon, she only cleared the table after dinner...and hugged me to
love and hugs