Monday, July 03, 2006

Dear Secret Pal.... are amazing!
Such wonderful things you have sent me, many many thanks!
I especially enjoyed the chocolate (the pralines were soooo delicious).....hahaha, you did guess so, right?
I was so flabbergasted as I opened the package and had to keep the kids from grabbing all MY yummy yummy chocolate (of course I shared ... after hiding the pralinè
The book is very interesting, I had a nice time looking through it while drinking a good cappuccino out of my new "SHEEP"-mug........I just love it!!! is perfect, a mug (I collect cups and mugs) and sheep (I also collect sheep-stuff...i wrote that one down in the questionnaire).
I also let my Dad have a look through it, as he is very interested in traditional clothing and traditions, and he was very impressed by the clothing and the different meanings of certain ornaments on them.
And then:
What else can make a woman aka "knittomaniac" happy?
..hmmh...pardon?...oh yes, there was yarn...tons of lovely yarn and the promise to send some great winter-wool the next time! "which I will certainly keep for me, myself and i"*mumble*.

Donna, my oldest daughter, really loved the ribbon-yarn and asked whether she could have it .... i gave it to her thinking that would be okay with you, as we don't want the young talents to varnish due to "yarn-restrictions", right?
(she did accuse me once of only giving her my scrap yarn, don't want that to happen again...*gg*)

Gal, you're just gorgeous!! I really hope you are having a nice time right now on your vacation.
You have really surprised me and my family, thank you ever so much for making our day!!
Love and hugs Melly

All others just look what great stuff I got (the mug was in use already at that time, I will have to add that photo later):

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