Saturday, July 15, 2006

Well done, Gals! (proud mum speaking...)

We have been to a football summer-tournament today......first time my two "big" girls were playing too.
The team made it to fourth place, all other teams where boys-teams, our team was the only girls-team.
Well done, Gals, you really did fight and did a great job!

Comment of one of the parents (a father): "Wow, are those two your daughters? They have been training for how long? What only 4 weeks now? They are really talented! "
And one mother said: "Elena is really a fast sprinter, she runs like a rocket"

So, here we go with some photos:

Donna and Elena behind the goalkeeper in the middle

Elena concentrating before the final match (this kid can't get enough of it)

Donna having a little snack
(Cynthia at her side was really p....d off, that she wasn't aloud to play next year!)

Receiving their medals (kids get medals until here, i really like that, it encourages them)

Photos are curtesy of TSV Schwaben Augsburg
as I forgot my camera today... :-(

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