Sunday, November 02, 2008

I've been tagged!

A few weeks ago my friend Auburnchick tagged me
and I never got round to answer the questions. :-((
So sorry, sweetie, but here we go:

1. I got a scar on my right hand little finger. I got that from running around with my new cup when I was a kid.

2. When I am happy I don't eat. Yeah right, when I am happy I run just on my happiness and don't need food... at all!

3. I love love love penguins. I love to watch all kind of penguin documentary films. I just adore those little guys. :-))

4. I freak out sometimes, not in a bad way but in a fun way. That is when I am happy and not eating, then I get some funny moments. My oldest daughter thinks it is embarrassing, but I think actually she loves it...*lol*

5. I learned about "How to webdesign" and html a few years back and often (I can't help myself) think about, how one could "design" a page in a better way, when I see a badly designed homepage...sorry, I just can't help it....*rofl*

6. There is no food I really hate, I love to eat and I love to try new things. I know there are people who hate cucumbers (my middle daughter is one of them)....oh wait, I don't really care about yogurt...

7. No day without knitting....NO WAY!

So this is it....random things about me....
but sorry, I am going to break the rules and will not pass it on...
not until I have translated the rules, maybe then...

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Anonymous said...'re forgiven, my friend!

So, are you uber-thin, since you don't eat when you're happy?