Monday, March 06, 2006

Happy Birthday, Dad!

To the most wonderful and marvelous Dad on Earth:

You are the most lovable and kind person I know!
You are always generous and nice to people, although you work hard you always find time to talk and listen to what people, especially your family, have to say.
You must have the most enlightening humour I know of, you always know how to make me and the kids laugh.
You are so funny! We love you so much!
You have always sticked to what you believe is true and good. This amazes me and makes you my Idol!
Dad, we all love you very much.
Happy Happy Birthday, Dad, and many many returns of the day!
Because of the snow (no busses today!) we will not be able to come over, but as soon as we can we will celebrate. In the meantime you can delight yourself knowing you will receive this
(remember? this is the wool you liked so much):

Socks made of Lana Grossa Megaboots Stretch, size 43, packed in a nice Angel-box

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