Monday, March 13, 2006

Happy Birthday, Donna!

Today is Donna's Birthday.
My oldest daughter completed her first 10 years on this earth and is slowly growing up now.

Wow, how time flies!
It seems like yesterday I rang my Mum and told her that I thought labor had started and I had nothing better to do, than washing the pots and cleaning the floor instead of heading for hospital.

What is to say about my dear Donna?
She is crazy, cool and very pretty!
She is helpful and kind...........but also very
She cares for animals and other kids, she has learned to see,
that others are not so priviledged as we are and tries to help there too.
She knows to laugh about funny stuff, crack out and turn so crazy, that we all have to laugh.
She is sensible and has helped me in many many ways.
She has deep thoughts already and great insight into lifes treasuries and it's mysteries too.
She knows how to be calm, when it is necessary, but she can also can go beserk in exitement.
She surprises me every day with her love, surprises me with little things such as a present or helping me by cleaning the kitchen or the bathroom (without me asking her to do it!).
In spring she often comes home with some little flowers she plucked for me or this year she bought me some seeds for sunflowers, just to lighten up my days!
Oh and she is a great knitter already, the scarf she started for her Grandma for X-mas was completed in no time and her stitches are very even!
I tell you this girl is unique and I am so very proud of her!
I will have to take good care of her in the years to come and I will!!!
Be aware, once you know her you just have to love her!
Well, we do!!!!

So it's just :

Stay as you are, as you are perfectly made the way you are!
And please try not to grow up too fast, cause your Mom loves you dearly
and is enjoying every single moment of this time!
I hope we will grow to be best friends and not just Mother and Daughter!
Donna playing "Tiger"

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Aud said...

Mensch, ist das schön. Das klingt wie ein Gedicht!
Herzlichen Glückwunsch an das Kind!
Tränchen wegdrückende Grüße