Monday, September 08, 2008

Valentine Design Extended Version

My friend Mary has made some notes for an Extension of the Valentine Design
by Marianne Kinzel.

I am so proud to be able to testknit this.

I have knitted the Valentine-Design two times already (you can see one here: Click)
and I really love this doily.

With the Extension it is going to be a tablecloth, which is rather nice, because I need a tablecloth for my table and I wanted to knit something with my RED crochet cotton.

Here is a little preview, round 29:


Catrin said...

Liebe Melly, sieht sehr gut aus, da kann ich verstehen, dass dich diese Decke fesselt.
LG, Catrin.

Ühltje said...

Yeah, ein Deckchen. Habe ich schon gewartet bis du wieder so weit bist.

mwhite said...

It's going to be FANTASTIC, Melly!! You're such a sweet friend to help me with this and I, too, dearly love this pattern. The red is really going to make it stand out. Love ya, Mary